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Motor City Hockey

A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.

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Driveway Dangles 55 Stickhandling - 101 Strength Training Drills

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“I have two kids age 12 and 10 and they absolutely love Driveway Dangles. It actually helped my 12 year old get on the Devils team that will be representing New Jersey at the Quebec International Peewee tournament. It is easy to use and easy to understand. They don’t always need dad to get out there and coach them. They are getting better all on their own. I can say without a doubt that Rich is extremely qualified and I will actually be using some of his stuff with my big boys with the Devils”- Current NHL New Jersey Devils Assistant Coach, Alain Nasreddine 

Ice Locations: Fraser Hockey Land, Lakeland Ice Arena, Hazel Park Ice Arena

Michigan Private Hockey Lessons

Small Group Training @ Fraser & Lakeland Ice Arena



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Lakeland Summer P180 Information

Ice Locations: Fraser Hockey Land, Lakeland Ice Arena, Hazel Park Ice Arena

Professional Hockey Shooting Development


Weekly - Livonia Shot Club
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Motor City Hockey develops a player's physical and mental edge. At MCH, each player is his own competition. Every last stride is committed. Every split-second decision is owned. Every ounce of respect is earned through action, not ego.

Our game isn't over after three periods. Our game is 24/7. Our team is family. Our training is relentless, yet rewarding. Good character, discipline and leadership is expected on the ice and off. The MCH player isn't concerned about the other guy because he's put in his time. He knows his body. He trusts his mind. And he consciously makes every minute count until the puck drops again.

The MCH player performs at his edge, and his grit pushes him beyond it. He's resilient to the inner-voice asking to quit. He lives for the feeling after a hard skate just as much as the rush of victory. His team is courageously defended. His opponent is honorably challenged. His greatest enemy is always himself.

Motor City Hockey doesn't just develop elite players, we make admirable leaders.

Our community is selective to players whose mindset and work ethic are in alignment with ours. Take your opportunity now as our space is limited.

John Hynes, NHL Devils Head Coach

"I highly recommend Rich Mihelic. I had the opportunity to work closely with Rich. He is an excellent coach. He has great passion, work ethic and knowledge of the game but most importantly how to teach and develop skills for players of all ages. I have seen Rich work with our professional players and prospects. He can adapt to any age group and relate to the players. If you want to learn, get better and have fun Rich Mihelic is the type of coach and person that will provide that environment and structure. NHL New Jersey Devils Head Coach, John Hynes