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Motor City Strength

Lakeland Ice Arena

7330 Highland Rd. Waterford, MI 48327

"Blood, sweat and respect. First two you give. Last one you earn." Dwayne Johnson

Structured Development Progression

Weeks 1-2: Movement, Linear Speed, Strength & Core
Weeks 3-4: Movement, Linear Speed, Lateral Speed, Change of Direction, Strength & Core

Cycle 1: Preparation / Corrective Exercise
The purpose of Cycle 1 is to support and train proper movement patterns. This will help the athlete increase in training intensity and loads in later cycles, while focusing on code stability and mobility.

Cycle 2: Strength / Power
The purpose of cycle 2 is to increase strength levels through functional age appropriate strength training exercises. Focusing on power and quickness.  Speed and agility drills are also performed.

Cycle 3: Speed & Endurance
To be successful in Hockey you must have the ability to be extremely fast. Our combination of speed and endurance training will leave your player with a distinct advantage coming into the upcoming hockey season. 

All program exercises are age specific to ensure safe progession. 

Body Weight Strength & Conditioning

All Sessions Include:

  • Mobility
  • Dynamic Warm-Up
  • Corrective Exercise 
  • Whole Body Strength Training
  • Hockey Specific Conditioning
  • Stick Handling

Equipment Used

  • Agility Ladders  
  • Resistance Bands
  • Medicine / Slam Balls
  • Jump Ropes
  • Hurdles 
  • Pylons for Speed Training
  • Stick Handling Stations & more

Private Session / Group Session Rates

  • Team Training Available at Lakeland Ice Arena. $150.00 per hour
  • Private sessions / programs available per request. Recommend minimum 1-2x per week.  Recommended birth years 2003-2007.

Off-Ice Check List

  • Athletic Clothing & Shoes
  • Hockey Gloves & Street Hockey Stick
  • Water or Sports Drink
  • Signed Motor City Hockey Waiver