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Shooting Clubs


Are you looking to improve your shot? Do you want to perform better while on the ice? Many say, shoot harder. He/she needs to work on his/her shot. However, there is no path for a player to improve. Shooting for a youth player is very similar to an adult whom has never been to a gym before. They can go to the gym but will get very minimal accomplished due to their knowledge.  At the 300 Shot & 500 Shot Club all questions are answered and all shots are explained in great detail. Our goal is to make your son/daughter a better shooter from the time they arrive to the time they leave. We have proven success that players that come to train with Coach Rich Mihelic develop confidence in shots they previously were hesitant to try. 

  • Off-ice shooting instruction at Perani's Hockey World in Livonia, Michigan. Synthetic ice surface with real glass and boards. Facility equipped with area for off-ice training and movie theater. 
  • Players will complete 300 or 500 structured shots. This challenging day will be filled with detailed shooting instruction and of course some fun tennis ball hockey to conclude the training! Kids will leave exhausted, accomplished & have one heck of a great time. All Shooting Clubs are instructed by Coach Rich Mihelic. 


During our Shooting Club players will learn a lot of new material. We will focus on the structure and mechanics of the following and more:

  • Wrist Shot, Backhand Shot Slap, Snap Shot, Wrist Snap Shot, Slap Shot, One Timer, Shooting off a pass & Rebound Technique
  • Proper hand placement and detailed body mechanics.
  • Shot deception and accuracy 
  • Loading of the shot and quick release 


  • Detailed instruction on all shot types.
  • Improvement of shot accuracy
  • Increased strength and power
  • Improved shooting body form
  • Greater self-esteem
  • Enhanced sports performance


Perani's Hockey World
19330 Middlebelt Rd, Livonia, MI


  • MANDATORY TO PARTICIPATE Signed Motor City Hockey Waiver
  • Water Bottle / Sports Drink
  • Snack
  • Gym Shoes / Athletic Apparel 
  • Helmet / Gloves / Stick(s)

300 Shot Club

Private 300 Shot Clubs are now available. 

Click here to book your session today!

  • 2 Players Minimum / 4 Players Maximum
  • Clinic is 2 hours
  • January / February Availability:
    Thursday 5:15PM-7:15PM
    Additional potentially available upon request

500 Shot Club

Private 500 Shot Clubs are now available.

Click here to book your session today!

  • 4 Players Required
  • Pizza lunch provided by Motor City Hockey
  • Clinic is 4 hours
  • Availability it limited. Click link above for more information.