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Rich Mihelic now offers a mentorship program that is extremely limited! One on one mentorship. 

"My son Greg was  fortunate enough to meet Rich as an early teen and work with him consistently as he matured into a man.

From the very beginning, the video analysis of Greg's game and Rich's individualized coaching helped Greg reach his full potential on the ice, transitioning from a AAA player to two full years on the talented and competitive Catholic Central Varsity team to logging consistent ice time as the only true freshman on the successful Aquinas Saints ACHA team.

Rich's guidance, depth of knowledge of the game, video critique and mentoring kept Greg interested and challenged as he matured under Rich's tutelage. These were after all weekend sessions, often in the morning of course. As a Dad it was fun to watch them battle physically, and then share a big laugh a minute later. I can't recommend Rich's programs enough." Ken McQuade

“I highly recommend Rich Mihelic as a coach, trainer, and a hockey mentor. Besides being a highly skilled trainer who has worked at the highest levels of hockey he is also a great person.   He really cares about each kid and their individual development and helping them achieve their hockey goals.  My son is a better man and hockey player because he spent time with Rich.  His counsel and advice has been invaluable.” Dan Muzljakovich


Locations available 15 miles within Milford 48381. Library location with private rooms available for video review.

Google hangout is also available in which players and Coach Rich can share screens to review game footage!


  • Niche mentorship program unlike any in the United States.
  • Effective strategies for performance during high pressure moments.
  • A positive way to build confidence within a player's mindset and skill set. 
  • Guidance on how to see the puck more and execute plays. 


  • #1 Extraodinary quality of life - on and off the ice.
  • # 2 Success and knowledge to succeed in the game of hockey.


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Age / Level: 6th grade to Professional.
Program was designed for the serious hockey player committed to getting better. Players that participate in this program must be open to feedback. 

What's included

  • Players will establish and track personal / hockey goals. 
  • 1 hour meeting with Coach Rich monthly / bi-monthly reviewing video footage of game in person. Performance Analysis Report provided monthly/bi-monthly. Monthly and bi- Monthly plans provide consistency of progress over the season to assure accuracy of data.
  • During the 1 hour session players can also discuss education, friendships, family, nutrition, off-ice habits and other important events in their life. Feedback will be provided and all communication is confidential. 

Monthly & Bi Monthly Program

September 2019 - March 2020
7 month or 4 month program options. 

  • 1X per month or bi-monthly. $120 via Google Hangout / FaceTime Meeting. 60 minute meeting.
  • 1X per month or bi-montly. $150 per month in person. 60 minute meeting


  • Record one game. Record only your son or daughters shifts in individual clips.
  • Download & open iMovie
  • Create new project. Select Movie option
  • Select all clips from the one game and press create movie button.
  • Download and send attachment via email to