The reality is, practice doesn't always make perfect. 

When your game performance isn't matching your practice performance, it's straight up frustrating. 

But it's possible to prepare for the overwhelming energy, environment and emotion of a game. Conditioning your mind is just as powerful as strengthening your body. And when you balance and enhance both, you'll be unstoppable in practices, games... and life itself.

Motor City Mindset teaches players meditation, grounding and energy techniques based on their individual blocks and struggles. They'll learn how to channel from their heart-center versus their head, improving their intuitive and instinctual abilities as a player. Plus, they'll learn how to clear negative thought patterns, work past limiting beliefs and conquer any fears that may be keeping them from performing at their peak potential.

Motor City Mindset
1 on 1 - 1 hour - $60.00 with Holly Mihelic
Team Synergy - $20.00 per player / Min of 10 players - Presentation by Rich Mihelic & Holly Mihelic